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Due to the overriding importance of the media (both digital and traditional), effective special day communication strategies rely heavily on the distribution of well-written press releases.Press release distribution, which allow brands to build and maintain their relations with the media and promote their products and services to target audiences, are – by far and away – the most effective means of improving a brand’s image and reputation. What’s more, press releases play a crucial role in promoting special discounts and corporate/social responsibility projects within the scope of special day communication strategies.

 Points to consider when composing special pr release

•             Special days and occasions should be taken into account when formulating a brand’s marketing campaign. This allows them to plan their approaches and strategies several weeks – if not months – in advance.

•             Like all pr release, those distributed within the scope of special day communication activities must always be sufficiently newsworthy.

•             The content of day-specific press releases should always take a different angle from others that focus on the same special day or occasion.

•             Timing is always a crucial factor when distributing press releases to media outlets. As a rule, day-specific press releases should always be distributed between two and 15 days prior to the special day or occasion in question.

•             Press releases distributed within the context of special day communication must maintain the same high standards as regular press releases. Since day-specific press releases also target potential customers, they should always be concise, well-written and newsworthy.

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What are the benefits of Press release services special day communication?

1) It establishes an emotional bond with consumers

On these special days and occasions, people want to remember and be remembered by others. This is especially the case when it comes to a brand’s specific consumer base. Generally speaking, people establish strong emotional bonds with those brands that can effectively relate to their feelings and sensitivities and with whom they share common emotions and values.

In this way, brands can become part of people’s emotional lives – something they can interact with, feel close to, and appreciate, rather than something that merely provides commercial products and Press release services. Therefore, special day communication should closely correspond to consumers’ expectations and values to ensure that the brand that is being promoted stands out from among its competitors.

2) It improves brand image, awareness and recognition

In this age of digital technology and social media, online platforms allow consumers to voice their thoughts and feelings about popular brands. Digital platforms also allow consumers to closely interact with these brands. This, in turn, allows these brands to gauge the effects of their brand communication activities in real time. One of the clearest examples of this is the way consumers share posts about the brands they feel closest to on various social media platforms.

Brands that augment their presence on social media (and on other online forums) through the effective use of special day communication can raise their overall brand recognition and awareness by reaching as wide an audience as possible. In a best-case scenario, a brand’s special day communication activities will be remembered – and talked about – long after the special day or occasion in question, thus reinforcing its positive image in the collective mind of the target audience.

3) It can make a brand much more competitive

Special day communication also plays a vital role in distinguishing brands from their numerous rivals. In order to stand out from the crowd in the minds of consumers, brands must never neglect special days and occasions. This is especially the case when their competitors are also employing special day communication strategies.

What’s more, brands must be prepared to closely monitor all brand communication activities that are being employed by the competition. In this regard, rival approaches should be analyzed and examined with a view to optimizing one’s own marketing campaign and communication strategy.

4) It can help reinforce your brand’s overall message

Perhaps the greatest benefit of special day communication is that it allows brands to reinforce their respective messages regarding their objectives and particular field of activity.

For example, a furniture company that uses trees as raw material, and which has therefore adopted a policy of tree-planting as part of its corporate responsibility platform, should engage in special day communication to mark the International Day of Forests. This will serve to emphasize the company’s commitment to the environment and cement its image as an eco-friendly business.

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