Manly burn Cows with 'out of this world' team try

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The Sea Eagles finished disconnected the Cowboys contiguous with a effort of the twelvemonth contender aft winger Reuben Garrick elected to rotation the dice contempt the dependable of the full-time siren.

Leading by 22 points and having already sealed triumph successful Townsville, Garrick elected to instrumentality possession successful Manly's antiaircraft in-goal conscionable erstwhile it looked similar the shot was going to rotation retired of play and extremity the game.

The Manly winger past took the shot up to the halfway enactment earlier passing it disconnected skipper Daly Cherry-Evans, who past enactment successful a grubber for superstar fullback Tom Trbojevic to pounce connected and score.

The effort to Trbojevic capped disconnected a masterclass show arsenic the fullback finished with a hat-trick, 2 effort assists, six line-breaks and 302 run-metres.

"Oh my goodness!" Andrew Voss said successful commentary for Fox League. "That is from different universe."

From 1 to extremity to the different arsenic Manly people (Fox League)

"Rugby league is not played similar that. That is thing that has travel from retired of this world.

"It's much than 110 metres, the absorption change, Garrick's added different 10 oregon 15 (metres).

"I reckon if you measured it out, they've covered 125 metres Manly to people the try. That is different level of bizarre, brainsick and ridiculous rugby league.

"That's not conscionable a large moment, but 1 of the top you've seen there."

Asked astir the effort aft the match, Trbojevic admitted helium excessively was amazed erstwhile Garrick elected to proceed playing.

"They (Cowboys) kicked the shot and I thought Reuben was conscionable going to tally it dead, truthful we started high-fiving each the boys, saying bully win," Trbojevic said.

NRL Highlights: Manly unafraid a apical 4 decorativeness with a triumph implicit the Cowboys - Round 25

"All of a abrupt he's taken disconnected and everyone got connected the backmost of it and I was fortunate capable to get the last footwear disconnected Cherry-Evans."

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