Hurricane forces Aussie to wait on $2.39m payday

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Liberty National avoided the brunt of the upwind from Hurricane Henri, but not the rainfall that forced the last circular of The Northern Trust to decorativeness connected Monday.

That was the hope, anyway.

Jon Rahm and Cameron Smith finished the 3rd circular Saturday tied for the lead astatine 16-under 197, 1 changeable up of Erik van Rooyen.

The PGA Tour decided earlier the 3rd circular adjacent began that Henri posed excessively overmuch information for players, spectators and volunteers to beryllium astatine Liberty National connected Sunday. Officials came to the people on the Hudson River and recovered the people to beryllium successful tenable shape.

"Really bully for 5 inches of rain," said John Mutch, the PGA Tour rules authoritative overseeing the event. "They were moving connected the bunkers erstwhile I was there. There's not a full batch of lasting water. I was pleased. I've seen a batch worse."

Smith said helium wouldn't beryllium spending his time disconnected connected Sunday getting a haircut, alternatively committing to keeping his "good luck charm" mullet for a portion yet.

"It's similar my bully luck charm. I can't chopped if disconnected astatine the minute," helium said.

"Maybe a mates of atrocious months of play and it'll travel disconnected but until then, it's staying."

It's understood that if the last circular isn't capable to instrumentality spot connected Monday, oregon if a bulk of the players are incapable to decorativeness their round, the tourney volition beryllium shortened to 54 holes and a sudden-death playoff betwixt the leaders would determine a champion.

A dependable rainfall kept falling into aboriginal Sunday afternoon.

Mutch planned to cheque connected it aboriginal successful the time and determine then, on with an updated forecast, erstwhile the players would statesman the last round. Some pop-up storms were imaginable precocious Monday afternoon.

The people was built connected a erstwhile landfill and drains comparatively well.

It was nary tiny task to hole for Henri, which was downgraded to a tropical tempest earlier it made landfall Sunday successful Rhode Island.

Hours aft Smith had acceptable the people grounds with a 60 — helium missed a 12-foot putt for a 59 — and Rahm finished with a par for a 67 to stock the lead, workers astatine Liberty National worked good into Saturday nighttime securing thing that mightiness stroke away.

The portable toilets were bundled and fastened. The ShotLink cameras that measurement each changeable connected each spread were taken down. All the metallic fences that formed lines for the ferry crossed the stream to Manhattan oregon the walkway for players going to the signifier scope were secured.

Those request to beryllium replaced earlier the last circular tin begin.

As for the players, it was a uncommon time off.

They past had an full washed retired during the Zozo Championship extracurricular Tokyo successful the autumn of 2019. The BMW Championship astatine Aronimink extracurricular Philadelphia was washed retired connected Sunday, starring to a Monday finish. In that case, the determination to postpone was not announced successful advance.

Several players were staying successful Manhattan, ordinarily a bully spot to beryllium to beryllium retired a delay, but it was messy to get around.

There was plentifulness astatine involvement successful the PGA Tour postseason, not slightest a $2.39 cardinal wage cheque for the victor and the apical 70 successful the lucrative FedEx Cup standings aft this tourney beforehand to the BMW Championship, which starts Thursday extracurricular Baltimore.

Keith Mitchell was astatine No. 101. He is successful a six-way necktie for 11th spot and presently is projected to determination up to No. 69, which would get him into the BMW Championship. Tom Hoge was astatine No. 108 and successful a three-way necktie for sixth astatine Liberty National, projected to determination to No. 57.

Van Rooyen was successful presumption to triumph astatine 1 changeable retired of the lead, and his question docket abruptly became a batch little complicated.

The South African arrived astatine Liberty National astatine No. 76 and readying to play adjacent week, whether that was astatine Baltimore oregon Switzerland for the Omega European Masters.

Van Rooyen won the Barracuda Championship 2 weeks agone for his archetypal PGA Tour title. With the points present worthy quadruple value, helium appeared definite to widen his circuit play 1 mode oregon another.

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