TPD requested to assist Phoenix with investigation amid allegations of charging BLM protesters as gang members

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PHOENIX (KVOA/KPNX) - The Tucson Police Department was asked to assistance the City of Phoenix with an investigation, a fewer weeks aft the City of Phoenix released a study that its section had "no credible evidence" to complaint protesters astatine a Black Live Matter rally successful transportation to gang-related activity.

Back successful October, 15 protestors were arrested connected national charges during a Black Lives Matter rally. On June 11, each charges against the protesters were dropped by Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, stating that the dropped charges “in nary mode bespeak negatively connected the hard work” of the officers astatine the protests, according to 12 News.

However, 12 News later reported connected Aug. 12 that a 52-page autarkic study ordered by Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher concluded that PPD had "no credible evidence" to complaint the 15 individuals "as members of a transgression thoroughfare gang, and constabulary commanders were alert determination was 'a deficiency of merit' to the charges."

In effect to the findings successful the report, 12 News said Police Chief Jeri Williams was suspended for 1 day, 3 adjunct chiefs person been reassigned for their roles, a constabulary sergeant astatine the halfway of the study has been placed connected administrative leave, pending transgression and administrative investigations and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has been asked to behaviour a transgression and administrative probe into employees progressive successful the case.

12 News past reported that Brnovich past shared connected Aug. 17 that his bureau volition not analyse transgression charges into the constabulary officers progressive successful the arrests astatine the 2020 BLM rally.

With the City of Phoenix's interior probe inactive open, TPD shared Monday that they are considering a petition to assistance the City of Phoenix with an investigation. The section said they person nary further remark connected the petition astatine this time.

An autarkic nationalist instrumentality steadfast besides held an probe into these charges.

This quality dropped soon aft the Justice Department launched a probe into PPD "to analyse whether officers person been utilizing excessive unit and abusing radical experiencing homelessness," according to the Associated Press.

On the nationalist level, the AP reported that the Movement for Black Lives released a study connected Aug. 18 that "the national authorities deliberately targeted Black Lives Matter protesters via heavy-handed transgression prosecutions successful an effort to disrupt and discourage the planetary movement."

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