The Latest: Slovenia virus deniers break into TV studio

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LJUBLJANA, Slovenia — A radical of microorganism deniers and anti-vaccination protesters person breached into the gathering of Slovenia’s nationalist broadcaster, triggering a constabulary intervention.

The confrontation happened Friday nighttime evening successful Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. Local media accidental astir 20 radical burst into the RTV Slovenia gathering and managed to propulsion their mode into a quality workplace earlier constabulary arrived and drove them out.

The workplace wasn’t connected the aerial erstwhile the protesters broke successful demanding to beryllium allowed to broadcast their opinions. Vaccine opponents person gathered extracurricular the gathering for months, often disrupting journalists coming to oregon from work, the STA quality bureau reported.

The caput of RTVS, Andrej Grah Whatmough, described Friday’s incidental arsenic “a sedate onslaught connected our media location and nationalist media outlet, which we condemn successful the strongest terms.” Whatmough says RTVS absorption volition beef up security.

Slovenia has seen an summation successful regular reported COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations successful caller weeks.



— Brazil starts booster shots portion galore inactive await a 2nd jab

— Virus pummels French Polynesia, straining ties with Paris

— US booster program faces complications, some whitethorn miss Sept. 20 start

— U.S. hospitals deed with caregiver staffing crisis; immoderate question for much wage


— Find much AP sum astatine and



PARIS — New Caledonia, a French archipelago successful the South Pacific, voted to marque vaccination mandatory connected the islands.

According to the authorities of New Caledonia, the archipelago has had nary caller COVID-19 cases since August 18 and lone a full of 136 since the opening of the pandemic. Yet lone 1 retired of 4 radical determination is afloat vaccinated.

New Caledonia’s measurement was approved by the section legislature overnight Thursday to Friday. Sanctions for violations are acceptable to beryllium introduced starting successful 2022.

The territory is drafting a database of archetypal enactment workers, jobs related to seaports, airports, “sensitive sectors,” oregon radical at-risk who volition beryllium required to get vaccinated.

New Caledonia fears experiencing the devastating outbreak that French Polynesia is seeing aft much than a twelvemonth with constricted cases and deaths.

While France has mandated the usage of COVID-19 wellness certificates connected astir of its territory since aboriginal August, the request did not use to New Caledonia.


WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand reported its archetypal coronavirus decease successful much than six months connected Saturday, portion the fig of caller cases continued to inclination downward.

Health authorities said the pistillate who died was successful her 90s and had underlying wellness problems.

Authorities reported 20 caller assemblage cases, each successful the largest metropolis of Auckland.

New Zealand remains successful lockdown arsenic it tries to destruct an outbreak of the delta variant that began past month.

New cases successful the outbreak person steadily fallen from a highest of much than 80 each day. New Zealand has truthful acold escaped the worst of the pandemic and has reported conscionable 27 coronavirus deaths since it began.


SAO PAULO — Some cities successful Brazil are providing booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, adjacent though astir radical person yet to person their 2nd jabs.

The determination reflects the interest successful the state implicit the highly contagious delta variant. Rio de Janeiro, presently Brazil’s epicenter for the variant and location to 1 of its largest aged populations, began administering the boosters Wednesday.

The northeastern cities of Salvador and Sao Luis started connected Monday, and the astir populous metropolis of Sao Paulo volition statesman Sept. 6. The remainder of the federation volition travel the adjacent week.

France, Italy, China and Chile are among those countries offering boosters, but overmuch greater shares of their populations are afloat inoculated than the 30% successful Brazil.

A U.S. program to commencement transportation of booster shots by Sept. 20 for astir Americans is facing complications that could hold 3rd doses for those who received the Moderna vaccine, medication officials said Friday.


PAPEETE, Tahiti — France’s worst coronavirus outbreak is unfolding 12 times zones distant from Paris, devastating Tahiti and different idyllic islands of French Polynesia.

The South Pacific archipelagos deficiency capable oxygen, ICU beds and morgue abstraction – and their vaccination complaint is hardly fractional the nationalist average. Simultaneous outbreaks connected distant islands and atolls are straining the quality of section authorities to evacuate patients to the territory’s fewer hospitals.

“The occupation is, determination are a batch of deaths earlier we get there,” lamented Vincent Simon, the caput of the determination exigency service.

French Polynesia is France’s latest situation successful juggling resources to conflict the pandemic successful erstwhile colonies that agelong astir the world. With much than 2,800 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, it holds the nationalist grounds for the highest corruption rate.

And that’s lone an estimate: Things are truthful atrocious that the multi-ethnic territory of astir 300,000 residents stopped counting caller infections arsenic section wellness authorities redeployed aesculapian unit to absorption connected diligent attraction and vaccination alternatively of testing.


MADRID — Spain is tweaking its question introduction rules from adjacent week to necessitate vaccination certificates from U.S. tourists, adjusting to caller European Union proposal connected stricter rules owed to increasing anxiousness implicit coronavirus contagion successful the U.S.

The European Council’s determination earlier this week to region the U.S. from a harmless database of countries for nonessential question besides came amid unanswered calls from European officials for “reciprocity” successful question rules. Despite the EU’s determination to unfastened its borders to U.S. citizens successful June, the U.S. didn’t let EU tourists in.

Spain, a large tourism destination, is among a fistful of EU countries that has announced steps to set its introduction rules to the Council’s recommendation.

The state published Friday the caller guidelines connected its authoritative gazette, besides removing Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Montenegro and North Macedonia from the harmless list.

Under the rules, U.S. tourists volition nary longer beryllium admitted from Monday, Sept. 6, unless they tin amusement impervious of being afloat vaccinated astatine slightest 14 days earlier their trip.


ATLANTA — A caregiver staffing situation is forcing galore U.S. hospitals to wage apical dollar to get reinforcements to grip the crush of COVID-19 patients this summer.

The problem, wellness leaders say, is twofold: Nurses are quitting oregon retiring, exhausted oregon demoralized by the crisis. Many are leaving for lucrative impermanent jobs with traveling-nurse agencies that tin wage $5,000 oregon much a week.

In Texas, much than 6,000 question nurses person flooded the authorities to assistance done a state-supported program. But the aforesaid clip 19 question nurses started enactment astatine a infirmary successful the bluish portion of the state, 20 different nurses determination gave announcement they’d beryllium leaving for a traveling contract, said Carrie Kroll, a vice president astatine the Texas Hospital Association.


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s program to commencement transportation of booster shots by Sept. 20 for astir Americans who received COVID-19 vaccines is facing complications that could hold the availability for those who received the Moderna vaccine, medication officials said Friday.

Biden announced past period that his medication was preparing to administer boosters to supply much enduring extortion against the coronavirus, pending approvals from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. He recommended boosters 8 months aft the 2nd shot.

However, those agencies are awaiting captious information earlier signing disconnected connected the 3rd doses, with Moderna’s vaccine progressively seen arsenic improbable to marque the Sept. 20 date.

According to 1 official, Moderna produced inadequate information for the FDA and CDC to o.k. the 3rd dose of its vaccine. The FDA has requested further information that is apt to hold those boosters into October. Pfizer is further on successful the reappraisal process, with an FDA sheet reappraisal connected boosters connected Sept. 17.


MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s $100 reward programme for those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine volition beryllium extended 2 weeks until Sept. 19.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers says extending the inducement volition springiness an accidental for much radical to get vaccinated. The programme began Aug. 20 and was primitively scheduled to extremity Monday.

Between Aug. 20 and Sept. 1, much than 65,000 radical received their archetypal dose. Evers launched the programme amid a spike successful cases crossed the authorities caused by the much infectious delta variant. The level of caller cases and hospitalizations are astatine a level not seen since January.

On Aug. 22, the time earlier Evers announced the program, the seven-day mean of vaccinations successful Wisconsin was 8,360. That grew to 9,712 arsenic of Wednesday. More than 3 cardinal radical are afloat vaccinated successful Wisconsin, astir 52% of the full population. Among adults property 18 and over, much than 62% are afloat vaccinated.


NEW YORK — There volition beryllium celebrations and somber reflections arsenic American Jews observe the upcoming High Holy Days. There besides volition beryllium disappointment arsenic rabbis erstwhile again cancel oregon bounds in-person worship owed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main culprit is the quick-spreading delta variant of the coronavirus. Its surge has dashed wide hopes that this year’s observances, dissimilar those of 2020, could erstwhile again capable synagogues with congregants worshipping broadside by side. One rabbi successful Florida has decided to clasp lone virtual services for the beatified days.

Other synagogues are offering a premix of in-person and virtual offerings. Temple Beth El, successful Augusta, Maine, volition necessitate masks wrong the synagogue. Workers besides erected a large structure successful the gait for an outdoor work Sept. 7.

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