The Latest: Britain urges US to extend Kabul evacuations

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LONDON — Britain is urging the United States to widen its evacuation effort successful Kabul beyond the existent Aug. 31 deadline, saying without the Americans different countries volition person nary prime but to halt their ain operations to assistance radical fleeing the Taliban takeover.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to property President Joe Biden astatine an exigency gathering of Group of Seven leaders connected Tuesday convened by Britain.

Some U.K. subject leaders person said Britain should support troops astatine Kabul airdrome to proceed the evacuation effort adjacent if the Americans leave. But Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said Monday that “there is simply a hard world that determination would beryllium nary planetary airlift without the mode that the U.S. are underpinning it.”

He said that “whether oregon not the U.S. tin beryllium persuaded to enactment is simply a substance for the premier curate time successful the G-7 meeting.” He said that an statement from the Taliban would besides beryllium needed for an extension.

Biden has not ruled retired extending the airlift beyond the Aug. 31 deadline helium acceptable earlier the Taliban’s swift takeover successful Afghanistan, but helium said helium hoped it would not beryllium necessary.

Britain says its forces person evacuated much than 5,700 radical — chiefly U.K. citizens and Afghans — from Kabul successful the past 10 days, 1,821 of them successful the past 24 hours.



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UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. bureau for children expects the humanitarian concern successful Afghanistan to worsen owed to a terrible drought, the onset of wintertime and the coronavirus pandemic.

UNICEF says 10 cardinal children successful Afghanistan already past connected humanitarian assistance and astir a cardinal are expected to endure from life-threatening malnutrition this year. It says immoderate 4.2 cardinal children, including 2.2 cardinal girls, are retired of school.

Afghanistan was a mediocre country, reliant connected planetary aid, adjacent earlier the Taliban took implicit earlier this month.

UNICEF manager Henrietta Fore said successful a connection connected Monday that “this is the grim world facing Afghan children and it remains truthful careless of ongoing governmental developments and changes successful government.”

She says the bureau is committed to remaining successful Afghanistan and is scaling up its operations. UNICEF hopes to supply assistance successful areas that were unreachable due to the fact that of the ongoing war.


KABUL — France’s envoy to Afghanistan says French peculiar forces backed by the U.S. service person helped 260 Afghans who worked with the European Union delegation to get to Kabul airport.

Ambassador David Martinon said successful a tweet aboriginal connected Monday that “they person been welcomed astatine the French Embassy’s waiting country anterior to boarding. Bravo to the EU.”

EU overseas argumentation main Josep Borrell says astir 400 Afghanis who worked with the bloc’s delegation are to beryllium granted extortion successful Europe. They’re being sent to Spain for screening earlier being shared retired among EU countries consenting to assistance them visas.


BERLIN — The German subject says a firefight broke retired astatine the Kabul airport’s northbound gross aboriginal connected Monday betwixt Afghan information forces and “unknown attackers.”

The subject said successful a tweet that 1 Afghan information serviceman was killed and different 3 were wounded successful the aboriginal greeting incident. It said that U.S. and German forces past besides got involved, and that determination were nary injuries to German soldiers.

Later, the German subject clarified that the Afghan serviceman was a subordinate “of the Afghan army” — Afghan troops who are progressive successful securing the airdrome arsenic portion of the multinational operation.

There was nary further accusation and it wasn’t known who the attackers were. The Taliban, who are manning the extracurricular perimeters of the Kabul airport, person until present not opened occurrence connected NATO oregon Afghan troops within.

Monday’s incidental took spot aft astatine slightest 7 Afghans died successful a panicked crush of radical trying to participate Kabul’s planetary airdrome connected Sunday, the British subject said. Thousands were inactive trying to fly the state successful a chaotic exodus a week aft the Taliban takeover.

The German Defense Ministry said Monday that the country’s subject has evacuated much than 2,700 radical from Kabul since the evacuations started, with radical of 38 nationalities among those taken out. German A400M transport craft are shuttling betwixt Kabul and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A level with Norwegian citizens from Afghanistan, others with links to Norway and besides different overseas nationals landed successful Oslo connected Monday, the 4th formation successful the past days to person landed successful Norway.

The Scandinavian country’s overseas ministry declined to accidental however galore were connected the level oregon springiness details for information reasons, the Norwegian quality bureau NTB said.

In neighboring Sweden, Foreign Minister Ann Linde said Monday that much than 170 radical person been evacuated from Afghanistan. “I americium pleased that we tin present invited section employees, astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic we proceed to enactment to evacuate much section employees,” she said.

Denmark excessively has been progressive successful evacuating radical from Afghanistan. Finland said that truthful acold the full fig of its evacuees was astatine 110. They see citizens from Finland and radical with imperishable Finnish residence, “along with different persons who person been moving for Finland, the EU and NATO, unneurotic with their families.”


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is raising concerns that the Islamic State poses a menace arsenic American troops question to evacuate thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies from Afghanistan.

Biden successful remarks astatine the White House connected Sunday noted that the panic radical is simply a “sworn force of the Taliban” and said that the longer U.S. troops are connected the crushed increases the accidental that the radical volition effort to onslaught guiltless civilians and American unit adjacent the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

The U.S. Embassy successful Kabul has been informing Americans to debar traveling to the airdrome successful portion due to the fact that of concerns astir Islamic State fighters.

The extremist radical has agelong declared a tendency to onslaught America and U.S. interests overseas and it has been progressive successful Afghanistan for a fig of years, carrying retired waves of horrific attacks, mostly connected the Shiite minority.

The radical has been repeatedly targeted by U.S. airstrikes successful caller years, and faced Taliban attacks.


WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden says 11,000 individuals were evacuated from Kabul implicit the play and helium remains committed to assisting each Americans who privation to permission Afghanistan get out.

Biden added Sunday that his archetypal precedence is getting American citizens retired of Afghanistan “as rapidly and safely arsenic possible.”

In the president’s words: “We’re moving hard and arsenic accelerated arsenic we tin to get radical out. That’s our mission. That’s our goal.”

Biden besides says helium is besides activating the civilian reserve aerial fleet provided by commercialized airlines to assistance determination evacuees from 3rd state waystations connected to the United States.

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