The Latest: 7 Afghans killed in chaos at Kabul airport

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KABUL, Afghanistan — The British subject says 7 Afghan civilians person been killed successful the crowds adjacent Kabul’s planetary airdrome amid the chaos of those fleeing the Taliban takeover of the country.

The Defense Ministry said successful a connection Sunday that “conditions connected the crushed stay highly challenging but we are doing everything we tin to negociate the concern arsenic safely and securely arsenic possible.”

The airdrome has been the focal constituent for thousands trying to fly the Taliban, who swept into Kabul a week agone aft their lightning beforehand seized the country.



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NEW DELHI — An Indian authoritative says an aerial unit transport level has near Kabul for New Delhi carrying 168 radical connected board.

Arindam Bagchi, the External Affairs Ministry spokesperson, says the level took disconnected from Kabul connected Sunday greeting and the passengers see 107 Indian nationals. He didn’t springiness the nationalities of 61 others evacuated from the Afghan capital.

Meanwhile, different radical of 87 Indians who were evacuated from Kabul to Tajikistan connected Saturday successful an Indian aerial unit level are being flown to New Delhi connected Sunday, Bagchi said successful a tweet. Two Nepalese nationals besides were evacuated connected that flight.

India began evacuating its nationals past Sunday aft the Taliban swept into Kabul.

The Press Trust of India quality bureau said astir 400 Indians were believed to beryllium stranded successful Afghanistan. No authoritative fig was available.


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