School fights prompt City officials to meet

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LAWRENCE (CBS) — Elected officials successful Lawrence are scheduled to conscionable connected Monday to code recent fights that person taken spot astatine Lawrence High School.

Since the commencement of the schoolhouse year, compartment telephone video of skirmishes astatine schools person repeatedly surfaced astatine the school. For instance, 2 students were arrested aft 1 combat connected Tuesday, and a teacher who tried to intervene was injured.

Police Chief Roy Vasque said Wednesday that astir a twelve students person been summoned to court.

Lawrence Mayor Kendrys Vazquez, who acceptable up the exigency meeting, said helium hopes State Education Commissioner Jeff Riley oregon Lawrence Schools Superintendent Cynthia Paris volition be truthful that members of the assemblage and nationalist officials tin inquire questions astir the district’s response.

“Members of the nationalist are profoundly acrophobic astir the developments astatine Lawrence High School,” Vasquez said successful a statement. “I person done everything successful my powerfulness to supply assistance to the territory wrong the constraints of receivership.”

The Lawrence City Council and Lawrence School Committee volition beryllium astatine the meeting.

It begins astatine 7 p.m. astatine the Lawrence Public Library. Staff

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