Oprah Winfrey shares her concerns about where we are as a country

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(CNN)Oprah Winfrey discusses her concerns astir the United States successful an interview with wellness writer Deepak Chopra.

In his upcoming podcast, "Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box," which debuts Sept. 16 connected Audible, Chopra asks Winfrey if she is "afraid of thing now" and she archetypal replies, "No" past adds the authorities of the state worries her.

"I interest astir the country. I interest astir wherever we are arsenic a country," Winfrey explains. "And the connection isn't adjacent worry. I spot the region and the inability of assorted sides and factions to perceive each other. I tin spot this benignant of spiraling into the deficiency of information connected the portion of a batch of individuals and you and I some cognize that tin pb yet to nary good."

    She continued, "So one deliberation astir those things, but I don't fearfulness those things."

      She says by looking astatine the "totality of her life" she tin spot determination are bigger factors astatine play that assistance her not worry.

      "The favour and the manus of something, the energetic unit tract of thing different than my ain caput and property are astatine enactment here," she says.

        She besides discussed what she thinks her bequest volition be, telling Chopra that it was Maya Angelou who told her her bequest is "never 1 thing."

        "Your bequest is everything," she says. "Your bequest is each beingness you person touched."

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