No, We’re Not Getting Any 'Big Game News' From Xbox Today About Fable

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We’re atrocious to beryllium the ones to archer you this: the Xbox Game Studios Publishing Twitter relationship was not teasing quality astir Playground Games’ in-development Fable game oregon thing game-related to Fable (even though it seemed similar it was). 

Yesterday, fans began to speculate that immoderate Fable quality would beryllium announced contiguous aft 2 tweets from Xbox Game Studios Publishing seemed to tease specified information. The archetypal tweet work similar this: 

We’re excited to footwear disconnected thing peculiar tomorrow! (Just springiness america 1 much time to hole the chickens.) 🐔  

That tweet has since been deleted, which is wherefore it’s presented arsenic a screenshot of a Slack connection above. That tweet doesn’t needfully scream Fable, but the notation of preparing the chickens and the chickenhearted emoji had immoderate Fable fans saying, “maybe …”

Then, Xbox Game Studios Publishing replied to its ain tweet with another, now-deleted tweet that said the following: 

We’d telephone it our Fable Anniversary, but that sanction was already taken.

Ok, truthful that relationship mentioned Fable first! This furthered speculation that today’s quality is related to Fable. It should besides beryllium noted that these 2 seemingly Fable-related teases besides hap to travel conscionable 4 days earlier the 13th day of Fable 2, which was released connected October 21, 2008.

Fable crippled quality speculation peaked astatine this constituent – a Fable 2 Anniversary release, perhaps, oregon possibly a caller look astatine Playground’s upcoming Fable? – and then, aboriginal that day, the aforesaid relationship fundamentally tweeted that today’s announcement is not related to “any large crippled news.” 

Sorry for immoderate confusion! We don’t person immoderate large crippled quality tomorrow, oregon immoderate info astir Playground’s upcoming Fable game.

Sorry for immoderate confusion! We don't person immoderate large crippled quality tomorrow, oregon immoderate info astir @WeArePlayground's upcoming Fable game.

— Xbox Game Studios Publishing (@XboxPublishing) October 18, 2021

And conscionable similar that, our hopes and dreams for a Fable 2 Anniversary release, a la Fable Anniversary, are gone. Perhaps this was each a large troll from Xbox Game Studios Publishing. It seems much likely, though, that the relationship was teasing thing non-game-related to Fable, specified arsenic day merchandise, and our wandering/hopeful minds went consecutive to “FABLE GAME PLEASE.” 

Fair play, Xbox – we’re conscionable excited to play much Fable. Can you blasted us? 

For much astir Fable, cheque retired our thoughts connected the archetypal game’s day merchandise successful Game Informer’s Fable Anniversary review and past work what we thought of the archetypal sequel successful the bid successful Game Informer’s Fable 2 review. Check retired this communicative astir however Phil Spencer says the caller Fable crippled is successful “amazing” hands with Playground Games aft that.

Which Fable crippled is your favourite in the series? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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