N4T INVESTIGATORS: Arrests made after catalytic converter thefts

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TUCSON (KVOA) - In May, the News 4 Tucson Investigators told you astir the rising numbers of catalytic converter thefts. We've precocious learned that immoderate arrests person been made.

But the thefts continue, and it's inactive a increasing problem.

The News 4 Tucson Investigators got ahold of tribunal documents that showed 2 men were arrested aft they were identified arsenic thieves who were caught stealing catalytic converters successful wide daylight. This papers besides said investigators seized 90 catalytic converters from a Tucson business.

The proprietor of a northwest broadside car batch said that earlier this period erstwhile helium was successful the store helium heard noises, starring him to find a antheral nether a conveyance stealing a catalytic converter. 

The concern proprietor agreed to speech to america but wouldn't spell connected camera.

He besides told america helium had experienced astatine slightest 4 catalytic converter thefts this summer. He added that it has outgo him astir $30,000 to regenerate them.

The documents showed that the 2 suspects stealing the catalytic converters were identified by the concern proprietor connected Aug. 3.

He besides told detectives that they near successful a grey Dodge Dakota. The concern proprietor told detectives determination were aggregate catalytic converters successful the furniture of the pick-up truck. 

Documents besides showed that 1 of the suspects, identified arsenic Curtis Yarbrough, was presently a fishy successful different catalytic converter theft case.

He was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, trafficking successful stolen property. Yarbrough remains down bars connected a $30,000 bond.

Joshua Hunter was besides arrested. He's charged with aggravated robbery, and trafficking successful stolen property. He's besides successful jailhouse and connected a $10,000 bond.

The papers besides elaborate that investigators went to a northwest broadside scrap metallic gait and seized 90 catalytic converters.

The University of Arizona Police Department told News 4 Tucson, they've had a twelve thefts. So acold each of them authorities owned vehicles utilized by the university.

UArizona Police Officer Jesus Aguilar commented connected this issue.

"Absolutely yes. It's thing we've been successful the past and we're not the lone bureau that's experiencing these. I cognize we're not the lone bureau oregon jurisdiction experiencing. I cognize the metropolis and the region experiencing the aforesaid trend," Aguilar said.

At Dodge and Grant, a concern proprietor said he's besides caught thieves red-handed. He asked not to beryllium identified.

"I was look to look with 1 of them helium came astatine maine with immoderate benignant of a weapon. I ran disconnected and called the police," the proprietor said.

Tucson constabulary are reporting they've had good implicit 200 reported thefts since January.

Pima County Sheriff's Department said they've had implicit 140 reports since the opening of the year. So wherefore are catalytic converters successful specified demand? 

"The catalytic converters are made up of aggregate metallic pieces immoderate of them person a worth erstwhile they're scrapped. So, we judge astir of them are being sold oregon stolen successful bid to beryllium sold," added Aguilar.  

The concern owners we spoke with added that they are precise upset implicit the thefts and there's a overmuch bigger representation present and they're hoping constabulary volition get to the bottommost of it.

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