Montenegrins protest inauguration of new Serbian church head

3 weeks ago 14
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CETINJE, Montenegro (AP) — Several 1000 radical person demonstrated successful Montenegro implicit the planned inauguration of the caller caput of the Serbian Orthodox Church successful the tiny Balkan state. Ethic tensions person soared implicit the scheduled ceremonial for Metropolitan Bishop Joanikije II. The protesters waved Montenegrin flags and chanted slogans against the country’s government, accusing it of being pro-Serb. Hundreds of constabulary officers were deployed successful the city, and the U.S. Embassy warned Americans to debar Sunday’s protest. Montenegro declared independency from the overmuch larger Serbia successful 2006. The state is divided betwixt residents who see themselves Montenegrins and those who contradict the beingness of the Montenegrin nation. About 30% of the country’s colonisation of 600,000 identifies arsenic Serb.

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