Minecraft Live: How to watch the event and what to expect

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(Pocket-lint) - Minecraft Live returns connected 16 October, and fans of the crippled tin tune-in connected the Minecraft website, YouTube oregon Twitch to spot what the adjacent large update to the sandbox franchise brings caller to the array this year. 

As it’s been for the past mates of events, the amusement volition diagnostic a unrecorded canvass to ballot a caller mob taxon into the game. Last year, the victor was the Glow Squid, beating retired the affable and flowery Moobloom and the overmuch much hostile ice-summoning Iceologer. 

What should we expect astatine Minecraft Live 2021?

If you’re looking for what to expect astatine this years event, each we tin accidental is that rumours person been beauteous slim, though immoderate fans are speculating that the overmuch awaited portion 2 add-on from the Caves update past twelvemonth is astir apt going to yet get a merchandise date.

In lawsuit you don’t recall, past twelvemonth astatine Minecraft Live, the institution unveiled its Caves and Cliffs update, featuring each caller blocks (including immoderate that visually property implicit time), caller food species, and geodes. 

Part 1 of the Caves and Cliffs update came retired connected 8 June 2021, but arsenic we’ve mentioned, a merchandise day for portion 2 is inactive up successful the air. Hopefully, travel 16 October, that volition change. 

Where tin I ticker the Minecraft Live authoritative announcement trailer?

You tin cheque it retired close here!

How bash I ticker Minecraft Live 2021?

You tin ticker Minecraft Live connected YouTube, Twitch, oregon the Minecraft website itself. If you’d similar to beryllium directed to the main Minecraft Live lawsuit leafage featuring each the disposable unrecorded watercourse links, click here

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