Microsoft Is Giving Away A Custom Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X

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Do you beryllium wrong the ven diagram of Xbox fans who emotion Far Cry, are excited for Far Cry 6, and person yet to acquisition a Series X? Or possibly you already person a console and conscionable privation a decorative mentation to enactment connected a shelf. Whatever your reason, Microsoft is giving distant a customized container themed aft Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world epic.

The coolest happening astir the console is that it doesn’t adjacent look similar an Xbox. Modeled aft an electrical container outfitted with a state canister to signifier what appears to beryllium a makeshift jetpack oregon bomb, the lone elements that gives distant its existent signifier are the glowing powerfulness button and matching themed controller. Of course, the console comes with a integer transcript of the crippled arsenic good arsenic immoderate unspecified Far Cry 6 swag. If each of that sounds up your alley but you’re reasoning “Too atrocious I don’t ain a tv to bask it all” Microsoft is tossing successful a Samsung NEO OLED TV into the mix. The lone happening missing is charmingly menacing (or menacingly charming?) Giancarlo Esposito hand-delivering the full package. 

To participate the sweepstakes, you’ll person to beryllium a registered Microsoft Rewards subordinate residing successful the U.S. Canada, UK, France, oregon Germany. You tin find the introduction by opening the reward app connected the Xbox dashboard. You tin besides conscionable sojourn this link. The contention wraps up connected September 30. May the likelihood beryllium ever successful your favor. 

Far Cry 6 launches October 7 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles arsenic good arsenic PC. Check retired our latest hands-on preview to work our gameplay impressions.

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