Loser booed for delusional post-fight claim

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The Madison Square Garden assemblage booed Australian boxer George Kambosos Jr erstwhile helium stepped into the ringing astatine the Hulu Theatre.

Less than an hr aboriginal they had turned connected hometown combatant Teofimo Lopez, spectators scolding the Brooklyn autochthonal for attempting to bargain the limelight from Kambosos' unthinkable underdog victory.

The Aussie brawler won a divided determination aft shocking Lopez with a knockdown successful the archetypal round, past getting knocked down himself successful the 10th but steadying to past the region and gain the judges' scores.

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Kambosos was being interviewed successful the ringing and celebrating what galore were calling the biggest triumph successful Australian boxing history.

"All respect to Tiofimo. He's a large kid, the build-up was the build-up, we're some competitory young guys. But it was my night, and it's going to beryllium my nighttime for a precise agelong time," Kambosos said.

"I'm the emperor.

Kambosos knocks down Lopez

"This is for my family, for my kids. My gramps passed distant 2 months ago. I cognize he's successful the ringing present with maine close now.

"Look astatine me, I'm the top Australian combatant successful history. That's nary disrespect. I've got each the belts."

As the interrogation was asking different question, Lopez - look bloodied and beaten - grabbed the microphone and got connected his soap box.

He claimed to person won the combat by 10 rounds to two.

Aussie Kambosos unseats satellite champion Lopez

"Hell of a fighter, but I won contiguous man. Everybody knows that," Lopez claimed.

"The referee raised my hand, I won tonight. I don't attraction what anybody says, I won tonight.

"At the extremity of the time I've been present and I've done it.

"I ain't nary sore loser. I instrumentality my wins, I tin instrumentality my losses. At the extremity of the time I'm a existent champion.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 27: Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos speech aft their title bout for Lopezs Undisputed Lightweight rubric astatine The Hulu Theater astatine Madison Square Garden connected November 27, 2021 successful New York, New York. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) (Getty)

"I came retired here, I did what I had to do, and I went retired determination and did my best. I don't attraction what anybody says, I'm arsenic existent arsenic they come.

"I won this fight.

"The referee knew I won tonight, everybody knew I won tonight, and I'm conscionable thankful.

"I don't judge it was a adjacent fight. I judge astatine the extremity of it all, I people it 10-2. Yes I did."

The assemblage turned connected their hometown boxer, booing Lopez loudly.

Kambosos could lone laughter successful his opponent's face.

Lopez's begetter fumes aft nonaccomplishment to Kambosos Jr

"Listen, you've got to determination disconnected bro, due to the fact that you're a spot delusional brother," Kambosos said.

"I've got the belts, I won the fight, I won it cleanable and clear. Look astatine your face.

"I came here, I gave you the respect successful the ring, and I won the fight, I've got the belts. Take it similar a champ, determination on.

"We'll bash it again successful Australia, (in beforehand of) 80,000 people. Me and you brother. Let's bash it again."

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