‘Imbecilic’: Ex-UK leader Tony Blair slams Afghan withdrawal

4 weeks ago 8
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LONDON (AP) — The erstwhile British premier curate who deployed troops to Afghanistan 20 years agone says the U.S. determination to retreat from the state has “every Jihadist radical circular the satellite cheering.” Tony Blair said the abrupt and chaotic pullout undermined everything Western forces achieved successful Afghanistan, including advances successful surviving standards and the acquisition of girls. In a lengthy effort posted connected his website precocious Saturday, Blair accused U.S. President Joe Biden of being “in obedience to an imbecilic governmental slogan astir ending ‘the everlastingly wars.’” During his decennary arsenic premier minister, Blair besides backed the U.S.-led warfare successful Iraq. His estimation successful the U.K. ne'er recovered erstwhile nary weapons of wide demolition were recovered there.

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