How to get Apple's macOS Monterey on your Mac

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's macOS Monterey is disposable to download via a Public beta. The Public beta has been moving since July to anyone that fancies person a play connected their iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, oregon immoderate different benignant of modern Mac arsenic agelong arsenic it meets the minimum requirements

Until the availablity of the afloat blown afloat merchandise of macOS Monterey, you tin get the beta mentation of Apple's adjacent operating strategy update moving connected your machine close now. It's escaped to join, but you volition request to instal the due certificate from Apple's nationalist beta website (don't interest it's truly easy), earlier you tin entree the updates implicit the aerial and commencement enjoying the caller features. 

If you've joined Apple's escaped beta programme previously, you'll request to enroll again for this latest version. Here's everything you request to know.

How to download and instal the macOS Monterey connected your Mac

For the afloat merchandise of macOS Monterey you tin simply spell to System Preferences > Software Update to cheque if the caller update is available. If you privation to play astir with the macOS Monterey Public beta you'll person to enactment done a mates of steps first.

If you are installing the Public beta we would urge you instal it connected a secondary machine and not your main one. This year's beta has had the unusual bug (it's a beta aft all) and you should beryllium alert that immoderate of the features, similar Universal Control, haven't been made available. 

We've elaborate the download and installation steps below.

  1. Back up your instrumentality (see this Apple enactment page).
  2. Visit the Apple Beta Program website connected your Mac and click the signup button.
  3. Sign successful with your Apple ID login.
  4. From there, work and judge Apple's agreement.
  5. From your Mac, sojourn
    • You whitethorn request to motion successful with your Apple ID login.
  6. Download the Beta Configuration Profile. (Follow the on-screen steps.)
    • You'll request to pat the macOS tab.
    • Scroll down to and prime "you tin enroll your Mac".
    • On the adjacent page, prime Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility option.
    • If you spot a popup asking if you privation to let downloads, click "Allow."
  7. The beta installer (macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility.dmg) volition spell to your Downloads.
    • Locate it and double-click it to unfastened it.
  8. Double-click connected the .pkg record wrong to tally the installer.
  9. You whitethorn spot a informing advising you to backmost up your Mac.
    • Click OK and past click Continue twice.
  10. Agree to Apple's bundle licence agreement.
  11. Now, click connected "Install" and participate your admin password if prompted.
  12. The installer volition download.
    • System Preferences Software Update should unfastened with the beta download.
  13. Click connected Upgrade Now to download the nationalist beta bundle erstwhile prompted.
    • It volition instrumentality immoderate clip to download the file.
  14. When the download is complete, your Mac should restart.
  15. After a restart, the ‌macOS Monterey‌ installer should launch.
    • If it does not, it tin beryllium recovered successful the Applications folder.
  16. From here, click "Continue" and locomotion done the steps arsenic instructed.
    • You'll hold to the presumption and conditions again.
  17. Select the thrust that you privation to instal the nationalist beta on.
    • You tin take your main thrust oregon a partition you've created.
  18. Click Install and participate your head password.
  19. Then, click OK, followed by Restart (or hold for your Mac to reboot automatically).
  20. After your Mac restarts, the Monterey installation process volition begin.
    • It takes immoderate clip for the update to install.
  21. When the installation is finished and your Mac reboots, it volition beryllium moving the beta.

Can your Mac tally the nationalist beta?

If you privation to cheque if it'll tally connected your system, spot our usher connected the topic: 

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When volition the last mentation of macOS Monterey rotation out?

Apple has seeded respective developer and nationalist betas of macOS Monterey truthful far. We are expecting the last versions of the bundle update to officially motorboat for each supported Mac models successful October pursuing the company's "Unleashed" lawsuit connected 18 October. The last mentation volition besides beryllium escaped and downloadable implicit the aerial done the App Store connected your machine - nary Apple beta programme required. 

Want to cognize much astir macOS Monterey?

Then cheque retired our broad diagnostic run-down:

Writing by Maggie Tillman and Stuart Miles. Originally published connected 1 July 2021.

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