Florida woman arrested for allegedly throwing ex-boyfriend’s cat into river

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OAK HILL, Fla. (WESH/CNN) - A Florida pistillate is down bars, suspected of throwing her ex-boyfriend's feline into a river.

The incidental happened aft a home fight.

On apical of that, authorities successful oak elevation accidental the fishy allegedly threatened to execution her ex.

Sheriff's investigators accidental Christa Thistle, during an disfigured break-up with her present ex-boyfriend, threw his feline bearer into the river. Inside, the ex's 9-month-old cat, Stanley, allegedly submerged astatine slightest 20 seconds..

911 call: "It's each wet. The cage went each the mode to the bottom. When it came retired helium was inactive alive…"

Stanley survived the near-drowning aft the ex jumped successful to prevention him. Moments later, deputies got connected scene.

Bodycam Footage: "Are you insane?… Sit close down… You are going to propulsion a feline successful the stream you are going to spell to jail…. I did not propulsion a feline successful the river… For cruelty to an animal…."

Thistle denied harming the cat. According to the report, she told deputies, "I would ne'er propulsion a feline into the river. I ain an carnal sanctuary."

Bodycam FootageL "Tell the truth… I deliberation helium is telling maine the truth… Tell the truth…"

But deputies accidental the grounds connected country astatine the Oak Hill campground was telling.

Bodycam Footage: "The cat's soaked... I conscionable request to verify, good the crate's determination too. "

The suspects' troubles continued to equine erstwhile deputies accidental arsenic they filled retired paperwork, Thistle allegedly demanded to beryllium taken to the jailhouse truthful she could marque a telephone call, enslaved retired and execution the victim, her ex.

Thistle, repeatedly shaking her head, denied making that threat. While the justice acceptable a enslaved of $5,000 connected the carnal cruelty charge, she ordered the fishy held without enslaved for allegedly threatening to termination her ex.

The section region carnal services took impermanent custody of the feline truthful they tin bash a travel up valuation and marque definite they are nary lingering issues.

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