Flames still spreading in biopreserve park near Sao Paulo

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FRANCO DA ROCHA, Brazil (AP) — A occurrence blamed by Brazilian authorities connected an amerciable candle balloon is burning for a 2nd time astatine the Juquery authorities parkland extracurricular Sao Paulo. Officials successful the metropolis of Franco da Rocha said Monday that much than 100 firefighters are trying to douse the flames. The officials estimation 60% of the 2,000-hectare (5,000-acre) parkland has been charred truthful far. Juquery Park was created successful 1993 and preserves 1 of the past remnants of the Cerrado biome astir Sao Paulo, which is 39 kilometers (24 miles) away. Brazilians often nonstop tiny balloons lighted by candles up into the nighttime entity to bask the show, adjacent though the signifier is prohibited and punishable by fines oregon adjacent prison. Sao Paulo authorities officials database the balloons among the apical 3 causes of wood fires each year.

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