Beyoncé is 40 and fa-Bey-lous!

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(CNN)Beyoncé's September 4 day isn't a nationalist holiday, but don't archer that to the Bey Hive.

The fans of Beyoncé Giselle Knowles crook up and crook retired each twelvemonth for her day -- and this is simply a peculiar one.

    So, successful grant of the 40th day of our Queen, this week's Pop Life Chronicles is an all-Bey edition.

      You ready?

      Three things to watch

      'Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé'

      Beyoncé performed 2  nights astatine  Coachella successful  2018.

      Beyoncé gave 1 of the astir celebrated and energized performances ever seen astatine Coachella when she headlined the festival successful 2018.

      Luckily for those of america who couldn't people tickets to the unrecorded shows, she enactment unneurotic "Homecoming" for Netflix, which features show highlights and intimate behind-the-scenes footage of her preparations for the show.

      'Black Is King'

      Disney+ describes "Black Is King" arsenic  a "celebratory memoir for the satellite   connected  the Black experience."

      This ocular medium was filmed arsenic a companion to her 2019 "The Lion King: The Gift" soundtrack and is lush successful its solemnisation of Blackness and African culture.

      As with immoderate Bey project, the accumulation is first-rate, a dainty for the eyes, and affluent successful symbolism.

      "Black Is King" is streaming connected Disney+.


      Beyoncé Knowles attends the "Dreamgirls" premiere astatine  the Ziegfeld Theatre successful  New York City, December 4, 2006.

      "Dreamgirls" whitethorn person earned Jennifer Hudson an Oscar, but it scored Beyoncé a deed with the tune "Listen."

      Based connected the Tony-winning play, the movie stars Beyoncé arsenic Deena Jones, 1 of a trio of Black pistillate psyche singers who conflict arsenic they find fame.

      The philharmonic was close up her alley. You tin watercourse it connected Amazon Prime, HBO Max oregon Hulu.

      Three things to perceive to

      Beyonce's "Lemonade" is simply a dreamy, almighty  premix  of visuals, spoken word, confessions and lyrics.

      Not galore radical tin accidental their albums spur assemblage courses.

      Such was the lawsuit with "Lemonade," a saccharine occurrence based connected the tart marital problems betwixt the vocalist and her superstar husband, Jay-Z (don't worry, they are OK now).

      There were besides themes of race, civilization and feminism successful this critically acclaimed project.

      It helps that the euphony feels beauteous timeless arsenic well.

      Beyoncé 4th  screen  for Vogue was changeable  by rising Black lensman  Tyler Mitchell.

      Into podcasts?

      WBEZ Chicago has got you.

      Its "Making Beyoncé" podcast traces her emergence from a youngster successful Houston to an planetary icon.

      Dancing Queen B

      Few artists tin get you disconnected the sofa to determination and groove similar Beyoncé (case successful point, spot Adele). Click play connected this Bey-all-day Spotify playlist (curated by my precise chill workfellow Kendall Trammell), interruption retired your hairsbreadth fans and creation connected the imaginary signifier called your surviving country floor.

      One happening to speech about

      (From left) Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé execute  "Say Yes" during the 30th Annual Stellar Awards successful  Las Vegas, March 28, 2015.

      Beyoncé whitethorn beryllium a monolithic star, but she has ne'er forgotten from whence she came.

      She is often showing her hometown of Houston love, even mounting up Covid-19 investigating sites.

      Nor has she near down her Destiny's Child co-members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who person some besides gone connected to palmy solo careers.

      The trio often performs unneurotic for Bey's biggest events, similar the Super Bowl and Coachella, and she has supported them some successful immoderate of their projects.

      A existent sisterhood we privation would effect successful a reunion album!

      Something to sip on

      Beyoncé models a look   from her Icy Park postulation  for Ivy Park x Adidas.

        Be it with immoderate lemonade oregon thing a small stronger, instrumentality clip to toast this inspiring pistillate who tin sing, dance, act, beryllium a screen girl, build a manner empire and don a famous diamond that fewer person ever touched.

        This week's thing to sip connected is simply a portion successful solemnisation of 1 of the brightest stars to ever grace our universe.

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