Apple watch saves former News 4 Tucson employee’s life

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TUCSON (KVOA) - For each of you Apple fans retired there, this communicative is for you.

Back successful June, erstwhile News 4 Tucson worker Yoli De Leon woke up and was astir to spell for a locomotion erstwhile she noticed she wasn't feeling good.

Turns retired she had an angel connected her enarthrosis and her wrist.

"And they said, your ticker matched what you had said. And astir 3 days aboriginal I had a mild stroke. More tests. And the past time I was determination they had a cardio aversion which that means they daze my bosom backmost truthful benignant of funny, I was rebooted," De Leon said. "I would person not known thing if I had not checked connected my watch, my bosom is back, it's fine."

For much details connected this touching story, ticker the video above.

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